We believe


god is one

and He exists in three equal persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

the bible

is God's infallible and inerrant word, to be believed and obeyed.

all people

are sinners under just condemnation and need to be saved, and God alone provides the way of salvation through faith in his Son, the Lord Jesus.

The Lord Jesus

lived in complete obedience to the Father, was crucified for our sins, rose from the dead, and is now in His place of absolute authority until He appears again to establish the final and eternal world for all believers.

the church

is the Holy Spirit-regenerated, universal body of believers, chosen before the world was and joining together in local congregations.

Preaching the Bible is God's way of communicating the good news, and the good news we preach is, that salvation is: 

by Grace Alone

through Faith Alone

in Christ Alone

to God's Glory Alone

according to Scripture Alone


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